November 17, 2013

Movie Night: Bill Cosby: Himself.

Review #482: Bill Cosby: Himself.

Bill Cosby (Himself) Directed by Bill Cosby.

This is the first time I get to talk about Bill Cosby, and this is a unique sort of film to begin on. Not only is Cosby the main person in this film, he's the only person in what some like to refer as a "concert film". Cosby has had a lot of success, from starring on I Spy to Fat Albert to Cosby's greatest success, The Cosby Show (which used routines from Cosby's own stand up act), and other various ventures. Cosby is given all the time he needs in this film, and he uses it to great extent, his routines take a while, but they have a good payoff, and Cosby has a great voice as he mimics people in his life, and the pace works because Cosby uses his conversational type of comedy very well, and the material is certainly worthwhile to watch. the film is relative easy to watch because lasting 100 minutes is a decent pace, not too long, and not too short, still making you yearn for more. This is a brilliant act for Cosby, who always did make me laugh, either on television, or by this.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

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