October 27, 2013

Movie Night: Wizards.

Review #475: Wizards.

Bob Holt (Avatar), Jesse Welles (Elinore), Richard Romanus (Weehawk), David Proval (Necron 99/Peace), Steve Gravers (Blackwolf), James Connell (President), Mark Hamill (Sean), and Susan Tyrrell (Narrator) Directed by Ralph Bakshi.

The film doesn't take too much time to start the action, with the Susan Tyrrell narration, possibly storyboards over the narration, and a...cliche? Not cliche? story. (though I do wonder how many stories use the brother of the hero as the villain) Whatever the case, the actors do a fine job, especially Bob Holt, playing the hero effectively, especially when imitating Peter Falk. The animation...is okay. Sometimes it looks pretty good, but other times it looks unfocused, not ugly, but not praiseworthy either. It runs short, 80 minutes in all, and I suppose it could be a fun flick for any...wizard aficionados, if their is such a term. Bakshi does an alright job directing, and the film overall is an decent, if not great film.

Overall, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

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