October 23, 2013

Movie Night: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Review #472: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Peter Cushing (Dr. Who), Bernard Cribbins (Tom Campbell), Ray Brooks (David), Andrew Keir (Wyler), Jill Curzon (Louise), Roberta Tovey (Susan), Roger Avon (Wells), Geoffrey Cheshire (Roboman), Keith Marsh (Conway), and Philip Madoc (Brockley) Directed by Gordon Flemyng (#341 - Dr. Who and the Daleks)

If I wanted to, I'd reuse all my statements I said for the first film for this, considering there's really no change of quality between the two. The character still retains the incorrect version of his name, the Daleks actualyl manage to overshadow the entire film, and...Ian and Barbara are not in this film. You know, the two companions introduced in the last film, who now seem to be replaced by...Tom and Louise. What, did Barbara (a relative of *sigh* Dr. Who) just leave *sigh* TARDIS in between films? Lazy explanations or not, Cribbins is okay, but I'd best stick to his appearence in The Stolen Earth instead. I'd like to mention the ads for Sugar Puffs, only because advertising cereal in a wasteland is...either the most brilliant idea ever or the dumbest. Cushing apparently had an illness during filming, which explains why he isn't seen as much as the other characters. His performance, sadly, isn't one of his best. Maybe it's just me, but the "elderly grandfather" act doesn't work when you have Van Helsing as your Doctor and you don't utilize him. The Daleks sure are colorful, but their..."plan" isn't. It has something to do with destroying the Earth's core so they can motor it to Skaro, but I stopped thinking after the bomb was stopped from completing its drop...with a few wood blocks...and later diverted, mind you. The effects aren't too much, the actors are mediocre at best, and I can see why this was a failure: It's not really interesting. The first film, though flawed, introduced a "universe" of ideas. The second doesn't really do anything different. The only attraction is the Daleks, and there were plans for a third based on The Chase, which thankfully was never made. I suppose this could help anyone waiting impatiently for the anniversary special, though.

Overall, I give it 3 out of 10 stars.

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