October 4, 2013

Movie Night: Carnival of Souls.

Review #461: Carnival of Souls.

Candace Hilligoss (Mary Henry), Frances Feist (Mrs. Thomas), Sidney Berger (John Linden), Art Ellison (Minister), Stan Levitt (Dr. Samuels), and Herk Harvey (The Man) Directed by Herk Harvey.

Filmed in Kansas and in Utah on a hefty $33,000 budget with local talent for actors, the film was made in 3 weeks, though the film would be forgotten after release. The story doesn't end there, as the film would be rediscovered years later, and this film has been recognized as a cult classic of sorts. And...I honestly can't object that statement. The film relies on atmosphere, not effects to scare, though that organ score also contributes to the film's tone. The actors aren't bad, they work in the film's favor, though ironically the most memorable actor in this film is probably the only one who doesn't speak any lines, played by none other then director Herk Harvey, who pops in at times, and takes part in a truly chilling last scene, which also works not for effects, but for the fear we see in the main character. Ultimately, this is a lesson that sometimes less is more. It's an eerie film that has good moments and provides scares at the right times.

Overall, I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

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