September 15, 2013

Movie Night: Rear Window.

Review #455: Rear Window.

James Stewart (L.B. Jefferies), Grace Kelly (Lisa Fremont), Wendell Corey (Thomas J. Doyle), Thelma Ritter (Stella), Raymond Burr (Lars Thorwald), Judith Evelyn (Miss Lonelyhearts), Ross Bagdasarian (the Songwriter), and Georgine Darcy (Miss Torso) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock (#219 - Rope, #223 - North by Northwest, #446 - Spellbound, #447 - Psycho, #450 - Vertigo)

Rear Window reminds me of Rope in someways, not using too many sets, but the film manages to transcend that with its more than unique premise. James Stewart (In his second of the four films he would do with Hitchcock) does a fine job, as always, pleasant but engaging. Grace Kelly is stunning and she does a fine job, along with Thelma Ritter, who provides a supporting hand into the foray. Raymond Burr doesn't speak too much until about the end, but he's an effective villain because while we don't her him much, we see him, we see him and the progression of his character, that's what the film feels like, watching Stewart watching the events unfold, with subplots along the way, and this is a film that doesn't drag on, it's an effective thriller.

Overall, I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

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